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broad band PCIe peripheral

Question asked by HankZ on Jul 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2013 by DaveD

I am beginning a new circuit design for a broad-band peripheral

component interface card for the PCIe bus, and need some help. I need an

IC that both digitizes and frequency shift keys 16 channels of video

simultaneously. Channel 0 will consistently contain a black source video

signal, used to detect line cuts in the fiber optic loop interconnecting

our video routing switchers. Black source transmission will also be used

for line loss compensation between legs of fiber. Aside from Channel 0,

all other channels will contain asychronous intermitent video.


I imagine an IC consisting of 22 pins: power, ground, 16 input channels,

an output channel containing the inputs in broadband and possibly a

voltage dividing resistor between power and pin to define the frequency

ranges at which the input is broadbanded to. I understand you need a

minimum gap of 27Mhz between each frequency the inputs are keyed to.

This IC will be used to encode video to broadband.


I will also need a matching 16 Channel video decoder, consisting of an

input, 16 outputs, power, ground and possibly a voltage dividing

resistor to define frequency ranges being decoded. The IC chip would

decode all outputs to the standard video baseband frequency.


At this time I also need a digital video black source generator IC.


Thank you for any suppot you can provide,