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Failure Analysis of ADuM3201

Question asked by starraytheon on Jul 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2013 by DaveC

Dear Experts,


I have used ADuM3201 for basic interface isolation.


I made a mistake when I was testing the board in the field.


So that the overvoltage stress had been appeared in second side.


Then, the ADuM3201 was failure, the pin6 had a special output.


The pin3 input was whatever high or low, the pin6 of ADuM3201 had a fixed continuous 1us width pulse output.


I think the Watchdog circuit has been damaged, is it correct?


I think the ADuM3201 is a good part.


I just want to know that how about the failure happens, and what need I do in this status?


Add some devices for protection?





Yours Sincerely,