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AD8000 pspice model noise

Question asked by JSQ on Jul 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2013 by JSQ

Dear All,


I'm trying to simulate the low frequency noise behaviour of the AD8000 CFA for a DC coupled application.


The question is: is the noise well modelled? I'm obtaining weird results while replicating the measurement conditions of the datasheet's figure 40 (input voltage noise plot). I expect a curve with a ~1/f slope from 10Hz up to about 100KHz with about 20nV/sqrtHz@10Hz down to a baseline of ~1.6nV/sqrtHz@100KHz, but the simulation shows a flat line around 1nV/sqrtHz up to 2MHz, and then the noise grows dramatically up to 20nV/sqrtHz@100MHz.


The simulation gives the same result using a 50Ohm source impedance.


Any suggestion on how to simulate the DC to 100KHz noise in this amplifier?


I attach the circuit and the input referred voltage noise plot.