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How to remove noise?

Question asked by michaelc21 on May 5, 2010
Latest reply on May 5, 2010 by JeradL



      My platform is   MCU+ 1940 SigmaDSP, sound system.

      Nowadays there is  noise: when I  adjust the Single volume control (slew), when 0dB or below, there is  no noise.

      While above 0dB, the noise appear.


      Not consider the hardware, is  there any soft method to  remove the noise?

      I once used  the    De-Emphasis , I can  remove the noise,  I can't hear the noise even the volume is  max (not link  input).


     But, at the same time  some useful signal  of hight frequence was also removed, or something,

     Anyway, some useful effect sound disappear  if  I  add   De-Emphasis .


    The   De-Emphasis 's parameter  can't be adjusted,  is there any other module of  SigmaStudio I could use  for removing  the noise?

     Thank you!