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AD7699 communication with 8-bit SPI micro-controller !

Question asked by jsafaie on Jul 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2013 by maithil


I am using an 8-bit PIC micro-controller for communicating with AD7699. In that micro-controller, i have just 8 bit SPI, so i can not send 14bit for configuration. I have tried for several days to use it without success. I would like it work in this condition:

- uni-polar referenced to gnd,

- two channels (ch0 and ch1),

- low-pass filter on,

- internal reference 4.096v,

- sequencer on,

How i should do it with 8-bit SPI (i can read or write twice sequentially, so 16-bit also is possible) ?

thanks in advance,