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Spi Host Boot Problems

Question asked by garygru on Jul 6, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2013 by garygru

Hi there,


I'm strugglin getting my custom Hardware (ADSP-21469) flashed by a microcontroller.


Just to be sure, this is what I do:


- 214x SPI boot kernel (customized to match PLL to 400MHz and DDR2 settings)

- make a loader file with a pin toggle test program (the .dxe works with ADZS-USB-ICE Debugger)

- the loader file is in binary 8Bit format


- reset DSP, wait for RESET_OUT to go High

- pack the data in 48Bit Instructions (take 6 Bytes and send them reversed to the DSP)

- SPI mode is 3 and LSB first (to bit reverse the data)

- I send the data bit reversed (SPI Mode 3, LSB first)

- after the boot kernel (1536 bytes) I deassert the CS and wait a few ms


this is what makes debugging hard:

- I have no access to the Flag0-3 pins and not really to the SPI pins

- I can't find the "do not disturb" option in CCES.

- I would like to toggle a pin (e.g. DPI_P13) in the boot loader but sysreg_clr_bit doesn't work (error: 'The compiler version does not match the version of the sysreg.h include') >> any example around?


How can i check what's in the RAM during or after booting with an ADZS-USB-ICE?






- I have access to the SPI pins now and see that I'm transmitting the data correctly

- I successfully toggled a pin in the bootkernel's user init when loading with ADZS-USB-ICE

- I also tried the default boot kernel with no success