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Configuring ADE7878 chip with TS7800 MC

Question asked by Siva23 on Jul 5, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2013 by mkaiserm

Hi ,


I am trying to configure ADE7878 chip with TS7800 micro controller. The micro-controller is acting as a master device and the ADE7878 is the slave device. In order to set the SPI protocol between the chip and MC, what do I have to do?


There is a SPI code available for ADE7878 Evaluation Board, could someone help me with tweaking the code so that I can run it for my micro controller. I have already implemented using ADE7758 and it works well. I am using the current chip to get more accurate values and neutral currents.

While reading the registers in SPI mode, should the chip always be on PM1 mode?


What is the power operating mode of the chip if we have to read other registers other than AIMAV, BIMAV such as AIRMS, BIRMS?


thanks a lot for the help.


Appreciate your time!