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ADuC702x with uc1601 LCD controller via I2C

Question asked by Alexandergb on Jul 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2013 by ABuda

Dear Sirs!


I have developed a device using RDX0154 graphical LCD module based on uc1601s controller year ago.

The I2C module was written for  Microchip PIC18F4520 controller, and worked correctly.

But I must now reconstruct my device on the basis of  ADuC7020 microconvertor.

My difficulties are tied with I2C Master protocol realization.

I realized the module  above

implementing a few simple procedures such as

i2c_start(...) - for making START condition,

i2c_restart(...) - for Repeated Start condition (without Stop),

i2c_stop(...) - in order to make STOP condition,

i2c_write_byte(...) - to translate arbitrary 8 bits,

i2c_read_byte_with_acknowledge(...) - to receive arbitrary 8 bits as a byte with acknowledge,

i2c_read_byte_with_no_acknowledge(...) - ... with No acknowledge,

i2c_wait_for_compete_transmittion(...) - wait for completion of the current transmit/receive operation.


Certainly, these aren't actual names of implemented functions, but they reflects it's purposes.



I can't rewrite these functions using ADuC702x  I2C periferal module

and I don't know how to work around this problem.