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How to implement a bootloader for BF504

Question asked by boxeur on Jul 4, 2013
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On our device we would like to have a way to reflash the main portion of the firmware with a new version supplied on an SD card. I imagine for that we need to create a separate project that would include RSI, SD and FAT libraries (we already have them) and that would be able to flash and boot the main firmware.


However, it's not obvious how to modify the linker script for the main firmware and how to properly boot it from our bootloader. Currently we just use elfloader to produce two ldr files (with "-b Flash -f HEX -Width 16" and "-romsplitter -maskaddr 21 -b Flash -f HEX -Width 16") which we later flash with VDSP++ via JTAG.


What would be the right way to go here?


Thanks in advance,