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ADIS16362, evaluation system of old and new

Question asked by usaghi on Jul 4, 2013
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It is a bit confusing that we have two different but quite similar evaluation system for ADIS devices.

Here in case of ADIS16362, which is better to be selected ? We can see both of eva boards, ADISUSBZ and newer EVAL-ADISZ, can support this device. Normally we should choose newer, but older was still active and offering lower pricing.

Before releasing EVAL-ADISZ, I believe ADISUSBZ is working well for supporting to evaluate ADIS16362. If so, we can still choose older ADISUSBZ for ADIS16362, is this correct ?


If ADISUSBZ can be assumed any failing for example when setting higher data-rate at ADIS16362, or else, please let us know. Then it will justify to choose newer.


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