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Using the AD9122 as independent 2CH DAC

Question asked by timetech on Jul 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2013 by Tguy

Dear Analog Devices,


we are currently in the design phase of a new project. We basically need two independent TX Channels, all IQ modulation for each channel will be done in the digital domain / in our FPGA. We need to generate signals with an IF of 140MHz with 80MHz of bandwidth.

According to the AD9122 Datasheet (page 36) this device can be used to "process an input data stream representing two independent real data streams". But the information on how to do that exactly and witch ratio between input data rate and  DAC sampling rate and the configuration of the data path is (at least to us) not very clear. There are two very small pieces of information about this topic on pages 36 and 42 of the datasheet.

Would it be possible to get an datapath configuration example (like the ones on page 41) or a more detailed explanation about this topic ?

Thank you in advance !