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changing frecuency sample rate 48,96,192... 21489

Question asked by BlackBeauty on Jul 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2013 by BlackBeauty

Hi all,


I am having some troubles changing the frecuency sample rate. I have just found out that actually it does not change (at least for me).

I have looked for threads in the forum about it but found nothing related.


I though that just changing these #defines the sample rate changed (init1939viaSPI)



//#define USE_96_KHZ_SAMPLE_RATE

//#define USE_192_KHZ_SAMPLE_RATE


But i have a FIR filter and see 2 things. With same FIR coeffs (calculated for 48K) i get the same frecuency response in the output (measured with spectral lab) with #define @48KHz or @96KHz or @192KHz, however the cut frecuency should change. And also i get the same latency (however i should get half latency @ 96KHz keeping the same number of coefs.


Having this into account i guess that i am not changing the sample rate just changing the #defines. I am doing something wrong, ot there are just more parameter to be changed???


I am using a example bypass with a fir filter, sample processing. (Fir works perfectly at 48Khz, i get the same at 96KHz), 21489 board with 1939 codec and crosscore.


I appreciate if someone could help me because i want to process audio just at 96KHz!.


Best regards