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AD9954 clock source

Question asked by dmayer on Jul 3, 2013
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i would like to supply a 400MHz clock to two AD9954 to get a synchrounous output signal with minimal phase noise. I found the 5v9885T from IDT which seems to be appropriate to generate these two 400MHz clock signals from the external 10MHz reference clock.


On the eval board layout, the external clock is connected via a balun and terminated by 50 Ohms. The 5v9885T is powered at 3,3V and offers LVPECL and LVDS differential clock outputs. Is there any way to connect these outputs more directly to the OSC_REFCLK-pins than that one realized on the eval board?

Anyhow what are the precise input specs for the OSC_REFCLK-Pins? I did not find them in the datasheet.


Thanks a lot!