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The meaning of Fdata, Fdacclk(etc..) in the AD9122 datasheet.

Question asked by JeonKihyeon on Jul 3, 2013
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1. What is meaning Fdata?

    Is DCI? If not what Purposes used?


2. I'm designed like below.

       I want to use the 75MHz outputs.

       REFCLK is 75MHz.

       Input data is 16bit data of 15MHz sine wave.(Generated by FPGA)


3. So i setting like below.

       PLL loop divider is 16.(N1)(For Fdacclk = 1.2GHz)

       PLL VCO divider is 1.(N0)(For Fvco = 1.2GHz)


4. I don't understand Fnco and Fcarrier.

       Fnco and Fcarrier, What are the proper way to calculate?