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ADV7842, input sync signal distiction

Question asked by usaghi on Jul 3, 2013
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Our cutomer simply asking how to recognize what kind of sync signal was input, VSync, HSync, CSync, SOG, or no sync input.

If you instruct the best way how to, it would be very much appreciated.


Actually, the customer is using CH2_CUR_SYNC_SRC at 0x4F of CP map to judge it, however they know they get 11 even when no sync input by testing. Let us know if this register is not adequate for the purpose.


CH2_CUR_SYNC_SRC [1:0] @UG-206 page.115

Readback of current synchronization source detected by sync channel 2 SSPD.

00 - Not used

01 - Activity detected on HSync and VSync input to sync channel 2 SSPD

10 - CSync detected in the HSync input to sync channel 2 SSPD

11 - Activity detected on embedded synchronization input


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