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ADV7611 - color errors following power-up

Question asked by PeteB on Jul 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2013 by vito

We are using the ADV7611 in a closed system subject to remote de-powering with TMDS input signals remaining active (similar to "unpowered ADV7611" post).  In several units, we are seeing random "snow" noise in red images (most pronounced in dark red) following re-powering if the applied image contains significant dark red content (ie: R:G:B = 92:0:0).  Even though the pixel noise in the red field appears to contain green and blue content (some noise pixels appear white), we do not see this noise in green and blue portions of the same image.  This noise instantly clears when a different image not containing dark red is presented and will return only when power is cycled again with a dark red scene present  -  reapplying dark red scene after clearing does not reintroduce the pixel noise.


I have attached a sample captured image (dark red field with green and blue boxes).


Is this an anomaly of having the TMDS input signals active during power-down/up?  Or is it caused by something else?