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AD8342 - insufficient Input-P1dB ?

Question asked by Wavefunction on Jul 2, 2013
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We are using AD8342 as an up-conversion mixer in a test board we designed. From the measurements of the mixer, it shows insufficient input compression point. Here are few details of interest:

  • RF-Input: 700 MHz
  • LO Freq: 1700 MHz
  • IF-Out: 2.4 GHz

As per the datasheet, the AD8342 should exhibit an Input-P1dB of +8 dBm.
However, from my single-tone measurements, the device is already entering into Compression even at an input level of -11 dBm.


Our input matching network and the output pull-up inductors are similar to the ones described in page 18, High Frequency Applications, Figure 51.

I am attaching the schematic for our application herewith.


Till now, I'm unable to pin point why the Mixer is exhibiting a worse input compression than expected.


Are there any points that are being overlooked here?

I will be pleased over any comments or suggestions.


Many Thanks in Advance!