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EVAL-AD5933EBZ, how to measure impedance in a solution?

Question asked by shashanka on Jul 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2013 by musach


    I am using EVAL-AD5933EBZ rev c, I wanted to measure impedance of unknown value. I calibrated using RFB and Z (RFB=Z=5K) and gave R1=5k in  GUI. It was working fine. when I changed the Z to different values it was giving the expected impedances. but I doubt the arrangements I made in the hardware. I connected LK3,LK6,LK5 but disconnected LK1,LK2,LK4 jumpers. I have not connected any resistance at R6, with this arrangements I am getting outputs, it seems correct when I see schematic.

now I wanted to measure complex impedance or r||c any thing is fine(equivalence of a solution) .

what is the range of capacitors that I can put?

how to calibrate initially?