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EVAL-ADAU1761Z audio routing.

Question asked by GUSADI12 on Jul 1, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2013 by BillJ

I am using EVAL-ADAU1761Z EVALUATION BOARD with Sigma Studio V3.8
I need to route audio in J24 LAUX pin 6 and RAUX pin 14...    TO ...

LOUTN pin 17 an LOUTP pin 18 J21 and  ROUTN pin 16 ROUTP pin 15 J25.
How do I do that..? as I do not see that routing combination in the SigmaStudio Hardware Configuration tab Codec Setup tab
Automatic Setup... There are only 3 selections there and not the combination I need.  
If this is done in Record Input Signal Path / Playback Output Signal Path tabs can you please
help me understand these windows as some of the routing make no sense... etc..