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ADP8140 Dimming Control Question Rev. PrB

Question asked by Jacky-chen-2 on Jul 1, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2015 by Jon.Kraft

Dear All:

I study ADP8140 Rev. PrB datasheet about dimming control have many question. pls see below and provide your suggestion to me. thanks


Q1: The dataheet Page4. "DIM pin Frequency Range" highlihgt 140 Hz To 40K Hz. but with the PWM mode have any conversion formular?



Q2:The Figure 9. if my MCU using PWM mode to control ADP8140 DIM. How do I know then adp8140 output 100%,ADP8140 DIM pin frequency and PWM pulse is how much? Contrary when the ADP8140 output 0%,ADP8140 DIM pin frequency and PWM pulse is how much? another I want to ADP8140 output 0% to 100% is divided into 2n level so have any frequency/PWM conversion formular provide to me?


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