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ICE-100B issue

Question asked by tamirci on Jul 1, 2013
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I have been using ICE-100B to debug our custom designed Blackfin BF537 DSP board. I has worked without no problem even by this afternoon. Suddenly it wnet out and i m no longer seeing MON led ligthing anymore. When i try to connect board Visual DSP++ gives error. I went to the device drivers and could not see ADI Development tools there. I think there is a driver problem as indicated on other thereads.


I m using Windows 7 Enterprice 32-bit OS. When i remove and reconnect module computer does not sense it. Visual DSP++ u10


I bougth 2 in case there is problem. Therefore; i has spare one. I connected it to the same laptop computer and computer detected it automatically and i saw ICE-100B JTAG Emulator under ADI Development Tools


Do you have any idea why the first one can not be sensed by computer and why MON led does not lighting anymore?


I m afraid of losing second one which will cause stopping development.


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