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Accelerometer with ability to wake processor with more sophisticated trigger than simple threshold

Question asked by Lionelwallace Employee on Jul 1, 2013
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My customer poses the following question:


“is there a three-axis accelerometer with a digital output (I2C or SPI) that has anything for interrupt generation more sophisticated than a simple threshold detect.


The (competitor's part) lets you set a threshold in each axis to wake up the device and generate an interrupt for an external controller.  The problem that the healthcare group is having is that they need to wake up on some fairly small acceleration events.  They are in the situation where if they set the threshold low where they reliably wake up to the events that they are looking for they got lots of spurious interrupts (which eats into their battery power) while if they set the threshold higher to filter out these spurious interrupts they become blind to real events that they should wake up one.  "


  • Do we have anything that specifically addresses this issue?
  • Would the use of a FIFO be useful?  Perhaps fill the FIFO, Wake the processor and then determine if further action is required?
  • Any other ideas for this situation?