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ADA4411-3 VIDEO FILTER doesn’t work properly

Question asked by dan1st6 on Jun 28, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2013 by dan1st6

I  am using a electronic circuit that the input to it is an NTSC CAMERA. The input video is

Clean without any noise. I have noticed that the output video signal from the circuit I am

Using has a noise at frequency of 248 Mhz. In order to attenuate it I used an ADA4411-

3 video filter  and connected the output to a Spectrum analyzer. The 248Mhz still existed in

the video  signal is was slightly attenuated but it is not enough . The input to the ADA4411-

3 is NTSC 1VPTP.

My questions are:

Why  filter doesn't work properly?  the 248 SIGNAL WAS ATTENUATED ONLY BY 4dBm.

If the inut signal is 1VPTP what value of RL should be in order to get 1Vptp at the output of

the  ADA4411-3 will using G =2 LEVEL ONE designed to be 500Mv  and LEVEL 2 IS

connected to gnd