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AD9286 Logic Level Voltage

Question asked by hanif on Jun 27, 2013
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I am currently using the AD9286 board. At the moment, I am just trying to measure the output voltage of each binary bit at logic '1' and logic '0'. I was able to measure, using DVM, a voltage of 1.8V for the negative bits (D0- to D7-) and 0.5V for the positive bits (D0+ to D7+) when the board is powered up, with no clock or input.
But the introduction of a clock and an input of 0V resulted in the first four bits (D0- to D3- and D0+ to D3+) to output a voltage of 1.2V. The remaining bits remained the same.


I would like to ask:
1) I have not configured the board using any software yet. Is it necessary in order to get the voltage values?
2) Is it possible to measure the voltage range of each bit by just using a DVM? Is my approach possible?
3) If it is, what mode should I be operating the board is? CMOS, LVDS or SPI?


Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance