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Linker fails when I add an assembly routine call

Question asked by on Jun 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2013 by StuartS

I have a 21479 project, no external memory, Normal Command Word option.


Everything works fine until I decide to add an .asm module with an optimized routine. After this, I get a linker failure (see below). I attached the .ldf file and the .asm file. What's wrong? Why the libc_nwc.dlb pops up when I add tha asm routine?






[Warning li2060]  The following input section(s) that contain program code

        and/or data have not been placed into the executable for processor 'P0'

        as there are no relevant commands specified in the LDF:




[Error li1060]  The following symbols are referenced, but not mapped:

        '_biquadasm' referenced from .\Debug\processing.doj(seg_pmco)


Linker finished with 1 error and 1 warning

cc3089: fatal error: Link failed

Tool failed with exit/exception code: 1.

Build was unsuccessful.