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succesfull build but error when get it run!!

Question asked by gunnros on May 3, 2010
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I build succesfully a pure assembly programm and i use the 'default' .ldf file for the Adsp - 21065L platform for linking. When i run it, the console displays the following message:


  " target #242 : Error...Communications TimeOut "


and VisualDSP get's stack..that is, it's response get's very very delayed and i must disconnect from target to recover. The first segment at pm memory where PC starts is the ISR_table as defined in the .ldf and at the dissasembly i have: 0x008005 jump 0x9428 , which i cannot change via the source when i map code there, e.g jump <label>. This is obviously the monitor programm which is loaded from the off chip EPROM, but the strange is that when i change mapping through another .ldf from an example application, i don't have this problem and this time i can get to the branch i want to by changing the 0x008005 instruction throuth the source. I don't know what's the cause of it. Could you provide some help ?