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how can I output BT1120 with adv7441a ?

Question asked by Gongfen on Jun 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2013 by GuenterL

Dear Sir,


My input source is 1080I YPbPr or HDMI, and I see that BT1120 is ycbcr 10bit 422 with EAV/SAV.

So I use this script:


0x42 0x03 0x08 #; Disable TOD

0x42 0x05 0x01 #; Prim_Mode =001b COMP

0x42 0x6b 0xf3 #;

0x42 0x1D 0x40 #; Disable TRI_LLC

0x42 0x3C 0xA8 #; SOG Sync level for atenuated sync, PLL Qpump to default

0x42 0x47 0x0A #; Enable Automatic PLL_Qpump and VCO Range


0x42 0x68 0xF0

0x42 0xBA 0xA0 #; Enable HDMI and Analog in

0x42 0x85 0x19 #; Turn off SSPD and force SOY. For Eval Board.


#10 bit YCbCr output

0x42  0x6b 0xd2

#enable EAV/SAV

0x42  0x31 0x00


0x42  0xF4 0x3f

0x42  0x06 0x0c


So, can you give me some help?