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Question asked by Mitchjs on Jun 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2013 by Mitchjs

Im puzzled with this device.... I am controlling it just fine.. but at power up I cannot get it to set the wiper position for 3-5 seconds

now, my power up sequence is, VDD and VSS (0v) and VLOGIC all at the same time

my micro runs at power up, after 65ms delay, which to me is plenty of time for the AD5293, to power up and reset itself

its very consistent, it takes a long time to set the pot the VERY 1st time... what I do is a loop

till the wiper is 0



while ( (p = getAD5293()) != 0)






the led is on an awful long time...


after the initial power up, its flawless, and all my further sets of the wiper are instant and 100%



im thinking of using an IO line from my micro to supply VLOGIC, im not sure if this well help

but then I can for sure let VDD settle, and then power on VLOGIC


attached is my schematic around this device...


any ideas?