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Video Encoder

Question asked by mellouli on Jun 26, 2013
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I am trying the example of the Video Encoder example for the ADV734X as I'm using the EZ KIT BF609 and a version of CCES 1.0.1.


I have now an encoder, decoder (that I finished to deal with) and a mother board  assembled all together like the figure of the board diagram found on Board Manual.


Meanwhile, when I connect the Component of the Encoder to the Monitor, it doesn't show the encoded frames which are written in the header files 487i.h and 480p.h..etc


There are no error of compilation,


The monitor goes black at first, and then, then, it turns back to blue which represents the home screen.


I was thinking maybe it was because of the screen, since this is the first time I'm trying with these kind of tasks with the monitors and the encoders.


So, I plugged the HDMI connector of the Encoder to HDMI digital monitor. But nothing was shown neither on the screen.


Who can help me with this example?