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ADV7612 port A works, but port B doesn't seem to

Question asked by HankZ on Jun 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2013 by hdmiuser

I used the section 6_4b of the register setting of the ADV7612-VER.2.9c.txt

(from your EngineerZone) and its EDID register setting for the ADV7612 and

verified that the port A of the ADV7612 in our system works. The port B of the

ADV7612 in our system is connected to a Displayport-to-HDMI conversion chip.

The Displayport does not work. There is possibility that the port B of the

ADV7612 is not setup correctly.


The only difference in the register setting from selecting the port A to

selecting port B is:


For the port A:                  68 00 08 ; Set HDMI Port A



For the port B:                    68 00 01 ; Set HDMI Port B



Is this right? Do I need to do anything else?