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BF531 Sleep Mode

Question asked by HaritzM on Jun 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2013 by HaritzM

Dear all,


I am just trying to set the BF531 on Sleep Mode but I am facing some problems.


I am able to set it on Deep Sleep Mode with next instructions:


uwIMASK_reg = cli();





The board main current consumption is reduced at this point from 20.5 mA (working on Full Mode @ 100 MHz) to 10.6 mA and the BF531 is on Deep Sleep mode until I make a reset.


The problem is that I can not set on Sleep Mode, using the same set of instructions:


uwIMASK_reg = cli();





After executing instructions above, the system continue straight away executing the code. I have not enabled any of the FIO_MASKA / FIO_MASKB interrupts, so I assumed the BF531 would keep on Sleep Mode if I had set it.


It is just a simple code but it is getting me crazy.....


Any help/suggestion would be much appreciated.


Kindest regards,


Aritz M.