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Why is the digital mic mono'ed on my 1761Eval?

Question asked by garygru on Jun 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2013 by garygru

Hi there,


I'm using an EVAL-ADAU1X61EBZ Board with one(!) digital Mic ADPM521 on a Flex board. When plugging this mic onto the header J4 the signal is routed to both DSP Core inputs 0 and 1 although I can't find any mixing or input routing settings which I can blame for. It makes no difference if I choose L or R input (L/R Sel Hi/Lo). I also tried this ADAU1761_DigitalMicInToDAC.dspproj which I found somewhere here.

When disabling left or right ADC, I still hear the input on the opposite ear (e.g. mic on input L, left ADC disabled => still hearable on right ear).

Does it work as expected only when using two mics?