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FMCOMMS1-EBZ no-OS SDK build error

Question asked by Mr.BLECK on Jun 26, 2013
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I am willing to use the FMCOMMS1-EBZ on ML605 as a transciever system starting from the available code, and later adjust this code to my specifications. I started my by setting the design according to the following steps:

1- regenarte cores with core generator, and open system.xmp

2- Export and launch to SDK

3- Copy ML605 sources from  " ../no-OS/fmcomms1/ "  to  " ../cf_xcomm/SDK/SDK_Workspace/sw/src/"


Now i start my SDK build problems (i have to sayI have no expreince with SDK before)

* The first error: includes does exist (example: #include "xil_io.h" ); so I included all the microblaze bsp paths in the Tool Settings to work arround.

Now  I receive the following errors:


cf_xcomm/SDK/SDK_Workspace/sw/Debug/../src/Common/main.c:76: undefined reference to `microblaze_enable_icache'

cf_xcomm/SDK/SDK_Workspace/sw/Debug/../src/Common/main.c:77: undefined reference to `microblaze_enable_dcache'


(.text+0x4c): undefined reference to `outbyte'


/sw/xilinx/v14.4i/14.4/ISE_DS/EDK/gnu/microblaze/lin64/bin/../lib/gcc/microblaze-xilinx-elf/4.6.2/../../../../microblaze-xilinx-elf/lib/bs/m/mh/le/libxil.a(xil_printf.o):(.text+0x460): more undefined references to `outbyte' follow

collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

make: *** [sw.elf] Error 1


I listed all the steps i did as I thought the process should not be that complicated, and I am not sure what I did wrong.