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Program works in Debug Mode but doesn't work when loaded in Flash - BF537 EZ Kit Lite

Question asked by NTan on Jun 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2013 by Andreas

Good Day Everyone!


     When my blackfin (BF537 EZ Kit Lite Silicon Rev 0.3) is connected via Debug Agent, my program runs smoothly However, when I tried loading it to Flash, the program doesn't work as expected or similar to when run in debug mode.


     My program takes an image (using OV7720 and AV Extender), processes it, and then sends some information to the UART. Before taking an image, the UART works fine, however after taking an image, it fails to work.


     I have tried programs individually, one for UART functionality and one for the camera, and it works fine. It's only in its integration where it fails. I make us of the SDRAM, could the problem be in the init code (need to initialize UART0 aswell)? Does anyone have an idea on why it works fine in Debug mode but fails when loaded in Flash?


Attached below is my project and the init code I used.


-> Red shows the output when run in debug mode, while brown shows the output when run from flash memory


Thank you!