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how to connect BF537 sport to third party vocoder

Question asked by on Jun 25, 2013



     we are working on the BF537-EZ kit , we want to connect the ambe-3000 chip(third party board) to BF-537 's sport. for this we run the sport blocking code on the BF-537 EZ board, but we are not getting any signals on the SPORT0/SPORT1  connector.  always we are getting some data from the codec to SW7 switch.  when we deselect the master/slave pin on SW7switch, still we are getting some data on  sport.

we want to send some data on the SPORT0 to other board , can we please tell me the dip switches settings to get the sport signals on the sport-0 pins.


can you please send us the BF537 switch settings to done on the BF537 EZ kit to get the SPORT signals out of the board , to connect to the external circuit for third party codec .

Kishore kumar
uurmi systems