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Intermediate NAND-Access during NAND-Boot on BF548

Question asked by gpetrowitsch on Apr 30, 2010
Latest reply on May 11, 2010 by gpetrowitsch

Dear all,


I've got a BF548 system, that can boot two different images from NAND flash.

It finds out which image to boot by accessing some external EEPROM

cell from the initcode function. The contents of this cell allow for 2 cases.


In one case the initcode function just terminates and the application

continues to boot automatically, which works fine.


In the other case, where the problem occurs, the initcode function calls

bfrom_NandBoot(dwStartApp2, 0, 0, NULL).


The problem is, that I have to calculate dwStartApp2 by accessing

some bytes in the spare area of some NAND flash pages before calling

the bfrom_NandBoot function. If I do these intermediate NAND flash accesses,

the boot kernel seems to be unable to use the NAND flash controller (NFC)

afterwards, as it generates no more read cycles.


If I use a constant (for debugging purposes) for dwStartApp2 and thus

avoid to access the NAND flash, the booting of the second application

also works fine.


The question now is, if I can put the NFC back into a state, the boot

kernel can live with.


Thanks a lot for any help!