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ADAU144- as Digital Hub

Question asked by gr4eme on Jun 25, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2014 by gr4eme

Hi Guys,


I am currently working with the ADAU1701 as a DSP core for active loudspeakers and i have a digital input on this board but I am now looking at the switching hub that will feed the DSP in each monitor the left and right digital signal.


What i need to do is accept inputs from the following formats


AES/EBU input

Optical Spdif Input

Coax Spdif Input

USB Audio Input

HDMI Audio Input


Then route the selected input to a dedicated justified left and right output to feed to the ADAU 1701 in each monitor.


Is this the best way to do this? i currently have SPDIF conversion on the DSP board but its getting chip heavy and im thinking i am over complicating my initial design.


Can the ADAU144- do what im asking and help simplify everything?