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ADV7511 480i support/interface

Question asked by maarup on Jun 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2014 by Aphraton

There are a few discussions already regarding 480i support on the ADV7511. One of these discussions is listed below:


ADV7511WBS -NTSC 480i_59 problem in some LCD HDMI


We see the same issue with a Sony LCD so I was hoping that the above discussion would lead to some results.Since no resolution was available from that discussion I have added a few question below.


The physical interface. Up until we started working with the SD formats, our interface was always 20-bit, right justified with embedded sync.

We noticed that the WIC register at 0x3E did not detect 480i or 576i. We then assumed that we needed to change the interface for those two standards to the 10-bit 2x clock interface.

It is not clear what is meant by the 2x clock? The interface we implemented is now 10-bit @ 27MHz for 480i. We can get the monitor to display the picture, but the WIC in 0x3E is still not recognizing the signal as 480i. Our source is derived directly from a professional SD-SDI generator so we are very comfortable that the 480i embedded framing (EAV/SAV) is properly implemented. Several implementation combinations have been tested and we cannot get the the ADV7511 to detect 480i.


There is a brief description of the clock divider and there is an example mentioning 480i @ 27MHz. This does not seem to work at all. The 480i scripts from Analog Devices do not use the clock divider in these modes either.


We assume that the reason why we have issues with some monitors is because the ADV7511 does not recognize the format. We have to enable DE generation for the monitors to work, but since the ADV7511 is supposed to be able to take care of this, we need to understand the issue.


Thank you,

Michael Aarup