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Considering Vout setting resistor for ADP2384

Question asked by Tarzan on Jun 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2013 by LucaV

Hi, everyone.
I'm looking at the output voltage setting section on  ADP2384 datasheet.
And there is one thing I don't really undestand well.
Could anyone give me advice?


Accodring to the datasheet, it says to limit the ouput voltage accuracy degradtion due to te FB bias current(10uA),
to less than less thatn 0.5%, enxure that Rbot <30kohm.


But I think this 30kohm sholud be applied to Rtop, not Rbot.
I tried to caluculate it like attached file.
Could you check if my understanding correct?




About FB setting resistor .jpg