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Capability of HDMI input

Question asked by Kikka on Jun 24, 2013
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I would like to know the capability of HDMI input of ADI's HDMI Rx devices.

It means the pure capability of ADI's HDMI Rx devices without dependence on board layout, power condition and so on.

Would you please tell me the following spec of ADV7441A and ADV7842?

(There is no problem that your indicating spec will be even rough target.)


Jitter Tolerance

   clock Jitter : max ??Tbit(Typ ??Tbit)

   data Jitter  : max ??Tbit(Typ ??Tbit)


Input Voltage Swing:

   min ??mVp-p

   Typ ??mVp-p

   max ??mVp-p


Intra-pair Input Skew:

   min ??Tbit

   Typ ??Tbit

   max ??Tbit


I appreciate your support.


Best regards.