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Spectral Aliasing.

Question asked by haankster on Jun 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2013 by haankster

Is it possible to get spectral aliases with an ADXL345?  For example, suppose I am sampling at a 400 Hz. rate, expecting to see a 100 Hz vibration.  But my mechanical system has an unknown vibration at 550 Hz.  The alias of this (when sampled at 400 Hz) would appear at 150 Hz.


As a test designer, do I need to be concerned about the possibility of aliasing in the design of my experiments?


In my case, I'm conducting measurements of main rotor vibrations on a helicopter, and there is so much going on (gear box vibration, turbine wheel vibrations, tail rotorr stuff) that identifying all of the possible aliases is a challenge.


Thanks in advance for your help.