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Input configuration of AD9467-250

Question asked by Jacky on Jun 24, 2013
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In the datasheet of AD9467-250, there are two Differential Transformer - Coupled input Configuration(Figure 51 and Figure 52). One is for Baseband Applications   up to 150 MHz , the other  is  for IF Applications from 150 MHz  to 300  MHz.


(1) If I want to design a broad band application that span from 1MHz to 300MHz, how should I design the input configuration ?


(2) ADT1-1WT is a 75ohm 1:1 transformer, but in Figure 51 and Figure 52 there is a note that indicate the impedance of the transformer is 50ohm("input Z=50ohm").  Why the input impedance for this transformer is 50ohm here?


(3) A single transformer is sufficient to transform a single-ended signal to differential signal. Why Figure51 and Figure52 use two-stage transformers?