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Synchronizing AD6655 with AD9910 SYNC

Question asked by Alon on Jun 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2013 by David.Buchanan

Dear AD experts


This issue was asked in the "Clock and timing" section ( but with no good answer yet.


I want to SYNC two AD9910 and two AD6655 (operating with the same 600 MHz clock), where the AD9910 provides the SYNC.


Unfortunately or not, AD9910 provides 1:16 SYNC and obviously uses 1:16 scheme as well in SYNC in,  and the AD6655 uses 1:1 sync (or a single start SYNC which I do not want). I was considering the ADCLK846 as the SYNC distributor, but it seems that I need to multiply the SYNC signal first. Am I? Any other smarter alternative?


Thanks, Alon.