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ADV7611 :Hdmi signal not detecting in ADV7611

Question asked by venkatrose on Jun 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2014 by siva.thiru

Hi all,

       Thanks for your previous support,Now i have configured same Register settings before we discussed 1280x800 in ADV7611 side .Instead of previous settings i have added one more settings for CEC (0x80, Reg->0x2a,value->0x3f) module power enabled .

In adv7611  all the registers I2C read and write operation working properly,also i have configured the 1280x800 register setting via I2C in ADV7611 chip.After that i was connected  HDMI input signals from laptop (cable type TYPE A-D HDMI converter )  to ADV7611.Then i was checked the HDMI signals in ADV7611,but signal was not coming in the ADV7611 chip.

If any other setting is their   to enable the detection  the HDMI input signals in ADV7611.How to handle the the HDMI input signals in the ADV7611 side driver.

After connected HDMI cable from laptop to adv7611 ,the following pins HPA_AINT2(hot plug detect) comes to 5V and RXA_5V pin also comes to 5V.

But clock not came in RXA_C+,RXA_C-. Data lines also not come in RXA_0-,RXA_0+,RXA_1-.RXA_1+,RXA_2_,RXA_2+ pins.




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