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Precision Current Source

Question asked by starraytheon on Jun 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2013 by starraytheon

Dear Experts,


I have used Multisim 12.0 to simulate a circuit just like shown below.

current source.jpg

It is a current source. R sensor is the load. The current is set by Vref/Rset.

If I used AD8603(V1 is set by 5V). The waveform is correct. If I used ADA4638.

The waveform is just like below. It is not correct.


I want to know, What is the problem? I think ADA4638 is a good AMP.

I think, The Multisim has not set the correct initial status. Is it correct?

If I want to use ADA4638 for this circuit, What need I do? Add some parts? Or other ways?


Thanks a lot!