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Reading data from ADIS16060

Question asked by homoluden on Jun 23, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2013 by NevadaMark


I'm trying to read out data from ADIS16060 using Stellaris LMF4120 microcontroller. Initially, hardware SPI driver was used in burst mode (3x8bit transactions at 2 MHz). After that I was switched to Bit-Banging (Software SPI) to be able to communicate in continuous mode (full 20 clocks cycle at 400 KHz). In any mode (Hardware or Software) after sending to ADIS16060 gyro address (0x00100000) the sensor sends back 0x00011101 (29 in decimal instead of 8192).

Please, see screenshots attached for Software SPI communication. As you can see, there is broken timings on CLK line when writing to sensor, but I believe it is not a problem, because when I use Hardware SPI there is no timings flaws but the result is the same.


Some details:

1. Stellaris microcontroller powered from PC's USB port directly

2. ADIS16060 connected to VBUS and GND from Stellaris

3. Saleae "Logic" analyzer are used as digital interface debugger

4. Code with hardware and software implementations of protocol are also attached