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ADP5052 PWRGD Question

Question asked by Jacky-chen-2 on Jun 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2013 by Leo_Liu

Dear Sir:

I tested ADI ADP5052 demo board "ADP5052-EVALZ to found out PWRGO (Power Good) demo board and datasheet is somewhat different. pls see below:


Q1: the datasheet Page4 "Table 1."Power Good If CH1 Output Normalcy, then VPWRGD_high is how much?



Q2: the datasheet Page4 Table 1(Power Good).to match page 22 " POWER-GOOD FUNCTION" description maybe have some defferent. The page 22 tell me PWRGO Pin is active high. I  actually measured the ADP5052-EVALZ demo board PWRGO pin " VPWRGD_high" is 150mV, "VPWRGD_low" is 0.01mV with datasheet Table 1 show are not the same. Can you tell me which one is correct?