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About PPI Transfer

Question asked by anjana on Apr 28, 2010
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We are using BF532 and KODAK(KAC-9628LongSpec) sensor in our application.  We are operating our sensor in snapshotmode. We are transferring the data from sensor to SDRAM memory through PPI(DMA0 channel).  While transferring the data if i get an interrupt on some pf my image is distorting(distoted image is attached).  Will PPI effect for the interrupt while it is transferring the data.  When i get interrupt it will goto interrupt handler. My interrupt handler contains only disabling the interrupt and setting some flag.  And in my code i am using two free running timers, one at 10msec and another at 1msec.  Whenever my 10msec timer expires the i will be checking whether my PPi transfer has completed or not.



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