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ADV7513 - CEC broadcast messages not possible?

Question asked by GRay on Jun 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2013 by FrankK

Hi everyone,


I want to receive CEC messages from e.g. a TV which is possible with a ADV7513.

Therefore it is necessary to allocate the physical and logical address of CEC devices as described in the HDMI spec.


The HDMI spec says:

Messages to a specific CEC devices are acknowledged with a '0' indicating a successful transmission.

Broadcast messages on the CEC bus, are acknowledged with a '1'  indicating that no device hast rejected the message.


When i send a broadcast message (which is necessary to make the logical address public), the acknowledge bit is '1' but the ADV7513 stops to transmit after the CEC header.


There are 2 things I wonder about:

1. The "Tx Retry Timeout Interrupt" (0x97[3]) occurs, indicating that no acknowledge signal has been received. So, the ADV7513 stops "the transmission process immediately" (Programming Guide


2. The EOM field of the CEC header is '1', which means that no more data blocks are following, although I set the "CEC Tx Frame Length" (0x10) to a value bigger than 1.


Any idea on this issue?


Thanks in advance.


Best regards,