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Using DSP Signals (5.23) for Control signals (28.0)

Question asked by utztech on Apr 23, 2010
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I am trying to use some results from a DSP calculation as a control input into the State Machine block.  I don't think it is working correctly.  The DSP calculation is basically a first order IIR filter and an additional multiplication.  My understanding is that this result will be 5.23.  The State Machine control input must be a 28.0 format.  Does SigmaStudio do the conversion from 5.23 to 28.0 automatically (multiplying by 2^23).  Or is it not possible to use the result of a DSP calculation as a control signal.


Incidentally, why are control signals are forced to be 28.0 in the first place?  Also, is the DC block the only one where the numeric format can be specified?





Keywords: numeric format, fixed point format, numeric scaling, number format